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  • Mood: Horny
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  • Reading: FullMetal Alchemist
  • Watching: Gurren Lagann
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I have been having the worst itch for Yaoi Doujinshi(Male x Male Manga).
Namely Fullmetal Alchemist and Gurren Lagann. Well there is enough downloadable FullMetal Alchemist Yaoi doujinshi ou there to last me an eternity.
So I want Gurren Lagann. I've found three so far and have downloaded them, Two Simon x Kamina, and one Simon x Viral. I've been on the hunt for more yaoi, but(and it doesn't surprise me, judging from the anime's perspective) I am mainly finding a bunch of Yuri crap. Don't want yuri, or Hentai.

So, since my patience, (and luck) is running thin, I've come up with a proposal.

Somebody find me a whole galloosh of Gurren Lagann Yaoi Doujins(Say, on a site that provides thousands of Doujin downloads) and I'll draw you WHATEVER you want me to draw. I know that's not really a good thing though since, Hey, who wants art from me, but fuck, it's something.

Or, if you don't want my shitty excuses for masterpieces, if you have a Gaia, I'll give you 5,000 gold.
Don't have a Gaia? Get one, and I'll give you 5,000 gold.

Now. I want me some damned Gurren Lagann Yaoi doujin, and, warning, it IS hard to find. I scraped up three after looking non stop for three days, but you will be rewarded if you find me even one.
A DOWNLOAD too people. Not a buying offer. I've seen so many up for grabs, and I may get around to buying some one day, but for now, I wan something I can download.

So are we clear?
Yaoi, wether it be Fluffy(just kissy and huggy) or Hard Yaoi(flatout butt secks) I want it.
No Hentai.
No Yuri.
You'll run into alot of that, believe me...-___-

I am not fucking responsible if your parents walk in on you and see anything while looking up Gurren Lagann Doujins. XD!

There. I said it. Now help me fuel my damned 14 year old perverted mind, wether you like Gurren Lagann or not.
You will be rewarded one way or another. Now GO!
Pierce the god damned heavens! >: D

Gurren Lagann Doujinshi~ by H0110w-ichig0

/ ©2008-2015 H0110w-ichig0
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go to my reading manga(all one word) and they have 12 there. not all are in english but that should do. on the side theres this scroll bar i guess is called and you can find gurren lagonn there or just type is up in the search thing. I'm not sure if there all to download but that should help your craving. theres also a lot of others on that site should you want something else. 
ahappypenguin777 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
zwinger: [link]

the best i could do
it's a russian website but the manga's in english
(keep scrolling down, it's on the left)
nihonomaru has it too but you have to be a member so even after i went through the trouble of creating a new gmail account (my parents; they're everywhere) and signing up, the download link didn't work
you can try it anyways

lots of names if you go to baka-updates manga
type in a pairing in the search bar
will bring you to a page with a couple different websites to search (i've only tried the first)
change "search series: title" to description
beware the many hentai search results
BlitzBitz Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008  Student General Artist
Try doing a search for "gurren lagann live journal"
Some people actually post that shit on their live journals which include downloadable links.
Chichiga Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
What are the name's of the KaminaXSimon ones youve found?
H0110w-ichig0 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
"Because it's Special" and "Konnani Ookiku Narimashita"
Chichiga Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
I saved that Keroro Gunsou doujin in my pictures file. some of the pictures even show up on my screen saver....and yet no one has figured it out yet.

except for Dylan...but he doesnt count...he goes "Eeeehhhh!!! Ooohh. I'm gonna keel you." *tries to punch*misses* hefty when coming to find doujin...have you tried photobucket. they have lots of doujin there. *surprisingly*

anyway I'll see what i can do...
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